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Release Time :2020-08-24

The Service Idea

In a buyer's market, the best way to survive is to improve customer satisfaction, which largely depends on whether the service concept of marketing makes people touch and kind.
First of all, what customers buy is not the product, but the expectation.

They do not only want to obtain the cold physical product, but more importantly, they want to obtain the psychological satisfaction while obtaining the physical product.The best way to seek the long-term interests of an enterprise is to work, to impress the hearts of consumers with sincerity and warmth, to cultivate "permanent customers" and to stimulate repeated purchases.
Secondly, unsatisfied customers will bring high costs.
Enterprise lost customers because 68% are not satisfied with the quality of service, each one complaint users there are 26 dissatisfaction but also keep the silence of the users, and they will put their feelings tell 8 to 16 people, so walk off an old customer loss is to strive for more than 10 new clients to make up for, not satisfied customers leads to high cost.
In other words, the biggest savings from good service are the costs of returning customers.