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The importance of tyre pressure

Release Time :2022-05-20

Thank you for choosing NOBLE and your trust in our products! Hope NOBLE can bring you great business! In order for you to use the tires more reasonably, the following are our recommendations for your reference:

1.Aim to check your tyre pressures every couple of weeks.

Make sure the tyres are cold and use a reliable tyre pressure gauge.

You should only check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold. ‘Cold’ means that the car hasn’t been driven for a couple of hours.

The pressure inside your tyres increases as they heat up. If you set your pressures when your tyres are already warm, their pressure will probably be too low.

2.Dangers of under-inflated tyres.

Tyres will flex more and get hotter, making sudden tyre failure (blowouts) more likely.

Under inflated tyres will increase stopping distances and affect your vehicle’s handling, making collisions more likely.

Tyre will wear more on the edges of the tread.

Increases your tyre’s rolling resistance which means higher fuel consumption.

3.Dangers or over-inflated tyres.

Tyres will wear more in the centre of the tread.

Less contact area with the road which can cause a loss of traction.

Increased stopping distances.

Higher pressures can mean a harsher more uncomfortable ride.

Hope this information helps you and your clients.