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Across the ancient pearl on Silk Road, in this busy but great summer

Release Time :2022-04-17

The hot summer, which should be the good season staying home, enjoying watermelon and air conditioner. However, our engineers jumped out of the comfort zone and rushed to the mines without rest. Every time they stayed for several days. What are engineers going to do under such hot sun regardless of sweating? Are you a little curious? Now let's follow the engineerspace and have a good look together~


The main purpose of this trip:

• Training the mine workers how to use and maintain tires correctly;

• Training on how to analyze the common tire problems and causes;

• Training on how to check the common tire failure;

• How to avoid the tire failure, improve tire life and reduce the mining costs;

• Giving daily maintenance suggestions according to the actual mine status. 

The trip was successfully finished, and the customers are very satisfied of our tires. In such hot weather, to ensure the excellent quality of each tire, do not bring any trouble to customer, is our best reward to the customerstrust.

In the past 15 years, we insist to work in the frontline and serve the frontline. The energetic and positive team, professional and experienced engineers, can arrive at the mining area at any time to provide service for customer.

Quality and safety are our top priority. We ensure that every tire we provided is safe, worthy and meet the customers expectation. Helping the customers to reduce costs, providing specific tire solution, is the goal and direction we have been striving for.

Just like our company Slogan said  Noble Tires and more. When the tire departs, the service just starts!