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Noble Group New Product Training

Release Time :2020-04-23

Creating values for customers is the mission of Noble Group. In 2020, Noble tires have been upgraded on the basis of original products, and strive to bring greater value to customers.
In order to enhance business colleagues' understanding of new products, enable customers to experience the excess value brought by new products, and more efficiently promote the project management and market development of the company's products, Noble Group has launched a new product learning class from July 2020 , The technical department and the business department participated in the learning class.

The new products are divided into two categories: off-road TBR and OTR, and the vice president of product Max teaches the business department. The five elements of the use of tires, the advantages of new products, and the quantifiable additional value it brings to customers... These are all the content of the new product learning class.

Max teaches by combining theoretical knowledge with practical problems. The new problems raised by customers and the pain points encountered are all problems that urgently need to be solved by salespersons. Everyone discusses in class and finds the best product solution with the help of Max.
The training of these dry goods has greatly improved the product knowledge of the business department and the ability to solve practical problems. We believe that the technical department and business department of Noble Group will surely accomplish our mission--creating values for customers.