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Competitive TBR tires from Tailand

Release Time :2023-05-11

Noble has always adhered to selecting the most suitable tires for customers based on their needs, so we have also designed our own TBR tires for the US market according to market characteristics.

Advantages of our tires:

1. Competitive prices

To offer the economic & good performance TBR tires to USA market, we supply TBR tires from Thailand factory without AD/CVD duty to save the cost for the customers.

2. Premier quality

Our tires can run an average of 250,000 - 300,000 KM and in some good condition around 500,000 KM.

3. Regular inventory

We keep regular inventory around 20,000pcs with quick delivery time 10-25 days.

4. Complete sizes

Complete product lineup specifically designed for the US market, such as the most popular 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5, 285/75R24.5, 11R24.5 and so on.

5. Various patterns

Patterns of Steer, Drive and Trailer and All-position from Long Haul to Regional and On/Off road application.

Our Tires have a wide trend, that can provide a comfortable driving experience and have extremely high safety.