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New material R&D and brand building

Release Time :2023-03-13

NOBLE Tire has continued to make innovations and breakthroughs in overseas layout, new material research and development, and brand building.

01 New material successively launched

New material research and development technology and capabilities are one of the core competitiveness of a tire company. New catalysts and compounding technologies continue to improve tire performance. In terms of new material research and development, new rubber compound materials use special rare earth neodymium-based butadiene rubber + natural rubber + high-performance carbon black and other formulas to produce new tire materials with a special mixing process. The tire rolling resistance can be reduced to 4.5-3.8, which has remarkable fuel-saving and wear-resistant performance.

02 Market and Brand Building

NOBLE adhere to "deeply cultivate" the Southeast Asian market, establish agency units in Vietnam and other places, and invest in heavy load, all-steel radial tire projects. Saying goodbye to the low price/bad quality competition in the low-end market, the key to the next step is a high-end breakthrough. Announced the determination to enter the international Special Made Tire market.