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Release Time :2022-08-15

Recently we got the good feedback from our customer in Malaysia. We would like to share more details for your review:


The customer are located in Johor, southern Malaysia. They used NOBLE in two sites: palm plantation and sand and gravel transportation for testing.



On drive position, the tire performed well in the palm plantation transportation test. On rainy and muddy roads, the impact resistance and traction of the tires are better. Now it has been used for more than 5 months, and the tires have not had any quality issues.


In the sand transportation test, our cargo weight is generally 35t-50t, and the transportation distance is about 50km. After 4 months of use, the carcass is still relatively strong, and there are no wrinkles or cracks on the sidewall, and the load performance is very good.


As we also know, Malaysia is located near the equator, which results in a climate that is hot and rainy all year around, so it requests all tires need to have a good performance on stronger heat resistance and greater traction, for the testing, our customer are very satisfied with our tires performance!