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Autumn Outing

Release Time :2019-09-16

Autumn is a wonderful season, which we can taste different fruit and enjoy the joy of the harvest. The annual autumn trip is a expectant fixed item in NOBLE Group company.
This year we enjoyed our holiday in a courtyard called "Mountain Courtyard" in Laoshan mountain. Experiencing the fun of farmhouse can make us stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax our minds and bodies, and then be more engaged in work.

Choosing a unique cultural courtyard is a wonderful journey of exploration for us. Every landscape setting can arouse everyone's thinking, discussion, and sharing of their own life insights at any time.

Various entertainment activities are rich and colorful. It includes gatherings to play poker, eating barbecue and other activities that are conducive to deepening the relationship between colleagues in different departments and enhancing the tacit understanding. There are also parent-child interactions and sharing happy weekends.

The noble employees who are usually busy with work can spend happy time with their families in this autumn outing.

Finally, this autumn tour ended successfully. All the employees of NOBLE Group had a colorful day this weekend and look forward to the next meeting.